Denon dj 2 x SC 6000M +

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Full dj set

The premium SC6000M is a Denon Dj Mp3 turntable.

The SC6000M is, in essence, an SC6000 Prime DJ media player topped by a true 8.5" motorized cast aluminum platter with adjustable torque, offering a resolution of 3600 points per rotation for unparalleled precision. All this combined with a vinyl with adjustable tension for slip/scratch control and real mechanical rotation between your fingers, this player promises a unique tactile and sensory experience for DJs.
The SC6000M combines DAW quality with a built-in time stretch algorithm that forever changes the quality requirements of DJs as they navigate from one style, genre or tempo to another. Tonality can be locked, extreme tempo changes can be made, resulting in sound integrity preserved across all audio frequencies. Finally, the SC6000M's 8 pads offer creative possibilities for live DJ performances by manipulating sounds, creating live remixes, switching from one rhythm to another...
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  • Motorized tray with 8.5" genuine vinyl
  • Adjustable vinyl resistance according to your preferences
  • Precisely adjustable engine torque
  • Ergonomically reworked tray
  • 10.1" HD multi-touch screen
  • 24-bit/96kHz digital audio outputs
  • Dual-layer function for simultaneous playback of 2 tracks with individual audio outputs
  • Playback of uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
  • 8 multi-function pads for triggering cues, loops, slices and rolls modes
  • Customizable tray contour with RGB LEDs
  • 3 USB ports and 1 SD card port for music playback
  • Bay for installation of a hard disk drive or SSD
  • Port LINK
  • Includes the music management software Engine Prime
  • Compatible with Serato DJ Pro
  • Weight and dimensions: 6.31 kg, 320 x 419 x 135 mm
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