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Dreadbox Nymphes

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With Nymphes, Dreadbox presents a fully analog desktop synthesizer that can be played polyphonically in six voices and has a few surprises in store. The structure of Nymphes resembles that of a Roland Juno 60, but goes its own way in terms of sound. Each of the six voices has an oscillator that can be faded from sawtooth to square to triangle and furthermore also offers PWM for this. A suboscillator and a noise generator with white noise complete the sound spectrum and proven components. For processing, a resonant 24dB lowpass filter with downstream resonant highpass filter and accurate tracking follows in the signal path. For modulation of oscillator, filter and VCA there are two ADSR envelopes and an LFO with five waveforms. The voice architecture can be used in seven different configurations: polyphonic, unison with 6 or 4 voices, 3 notes with 2 voices at the same time, duophonic with 2x3 voices, monophonic and Chord Mode along with its own chord scales.


Ref : 99584
- Type of expander : analog
- 6 different play modes selectable
- 1 VCO with different waveforms: Sawtooth, square, triangular with variable PWM
- 1 sub-oscillator
- 24 dB resonant low-pass filter
- 6 dB high-pass filter
- LFO per voice permanently assigned to pitch and filter cutoff
- 2 freely assignable LFOs
- 2 envelope generators
- Integrated digital reverb
- 98 presets (49 factory and 49 user)
- 2 different fader modes selectable: Catch or Jump
- USB port
- Headphone output on 3.5 mm mini jack
- Unbalanced mono output on 6.3 mm TS jack
- MIDI on 3.5 mm mini jack
- Power supply via USB
- Dimensions: 240 x 124 x 37 mm
- Weight: 0,75 kg
- 3.5 mm TRS-MIDI adapter type A to DIN5 and cable incl. USB
- Optional USB power supply not included (item no. 278119)

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