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Enova hifi MNV 10V

Cleaning kit
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the MNV10V is a vinyl cleaning machine from Enova HIfi.

The MNV 10V is a vinyl cleaning machine, practical, easy to use, economical and efficient for cleaning your vinyl discs. Dirt and dust that, over time, settle on the grooves cause poor sound quality during playback. After cleaning, the results are obvious: less background noise and much better high frequencies. Simply turn the disc 33, 45 or 78 rpm positioned on two wheels in a bath of distilled water mixed with a washing solution (delivered). The disc then passes between two velvet pads that will retain impurities. All that remains is to dry the disc with one of the two cotton rags provided.


Ref : 90978
Supplied accessories :
- Vinyl bath with brush
- Label protector with spindle, dryer
- Recovery bin for 10 vinyls

Instructions :
Fill the disc cleaning system to the bottom of the roller with LMN 20 liquid. Pour four caps of cleaning liquid near the brush inside. Each use should clean 50 discs.

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