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Erica synths Bullfrog

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The brand Erica synths

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Synthetizer and drum machine buying guide

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The Bullfrog is an expander offered by the Erica Synths brand.

Created by Erica Synths and Richie Hawtin, Bullfrog is an educational electronic musical instrument designed to captivate and inspire young people and professionals alike. Bullfrog invites you to explore your musicality while combining the thrill of electronic music production with a comprehensive learning experience.

Bullfrog is a classic subtractive synthesizer, consisting of several modules for sound generation such as VCO and noise generator, as well as processing with VCF, VCA/DELAY. It also includes control and modulation signal generator modules such as envelope generators and samplers and preservers. Bullfrog does not generate sound autonomously; it requires interconnecting modules using eurorack cables or inserting voice cards to create specific internal connections and add additional functionality such as a sampler/looper, sequencer or groovebox. This approach makes it easier to understand the functionality of a subtractive synthesizer as well as the sound design principles associated with such instruments.
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Technical sheet

  • Type of expander Analog
  • Design
    • Fully analog design
  • Oscillator
    • Precise voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) across 8 octaves
  • Waveforms
    • Sawtooth and pulse waveforms with pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Noise Generator
    • Zener diode-based noise generator
  • Filter
    • Voltage-controlled resonant low-pass filter (VCF)
  • Amplifier
    • Voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) with adjustable offset
  • Delay Effect
    • Adjustable delay time and feedback amount
  • Envelope Generators
    • Two attack-sustain-release envelope generators in loop (EG)
  • Sample & Hold Circuit
    • With individual clock
  • Gate Button
    • Manual gate button
  • Voice Card Slot
    • Yes
  • Built-in Speaker
    • Yes
  • MIDI Input
    • DIN5
  • USB Connector
    • Yes
  • Dimensions
    • 40 x 385 x 210 mm
  • Weight
    • 1.8 kg
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