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Black Friday Modal electronics Cobalt 8M


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The Cobalt 8M is a compact synthesizer in desktop format.

The COBALT8M is a compact desktop-sized virtual analog 8-voice synthesizer that faithfully simulates the powerful sounds of the analog synthesizers that have made history, while offering incredibly advanced signal creation and processing capabilities.

The COBALT8M is a virtual analog synthesizer that emulates the warm and powerful sounds of the synthesizers of the past, with its distinctive aesthetic.
The COBALT8M offers a number of impressive features, hardly imaginable on a single analog synthesizer.
8 truly polyphonic voices, 64 high-resolution oscillators, two independent variable shape oscillator groups, a morphable 4-pole ladder filter offering 4 switchable configurations, 3 independent envelope generators, a real-time sequencer and 32-step arpeggiator, three stereo effect engines and numerous memory locations for recording presets and patches. All this at a very reasonable price!


Ref : 96322
- Type of expander : analog
- Finish : Blue
- Display: OLED 1.6".
- Category: Virtual Analog Synthesizer
- Type of synthesis: VA
- LFO : 3
- Filters: 4-pole morphable scale filter with resonance and 4 switchable configurations
- Inputs: expression pedal, sustain pedal, Midi, stereo minijack, sync In, USB Midi
- Outputs: Midi, headphones, 2 x jack, sync out
- Provided software: MODALapp (free)
- Envelope: attack - decay - sustain - release - depth
- Controller: 25 encoders, 9 buttons
- Backup type: flash Rom
- Sound generator: analog modeling
- Dimensions (mm): 384 x 127 x 81
- Weight (kg): 2.10 kg
- Velocity Sensitive: No
- Aftertouch: No
- Sequencer: Yes
- Arpeggiator : Yes
- Transposition: Yes
- Sampler: No
- User memories: 500
- Number of effects: 3
- Polyphony max: 8
- Number of presets: 300
- Complementary Specs : - True polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer 8 voices
- 64 high-resolution virtual analog analog oscillators, up to 8 per voice
- 2 groups of independent and autonomous oscillators with sinusoidal, pulse, triangle, sawtooth waveforms.
- 34 different algorithms including complex analog synthesis techniques, integrated crossmodulation (SYNC, RM and more), PWM, soft morphing between VA waves, bit crushing, filtered noise.
- 3 dedicated envelope generators for amplification, modeling and filters that can be accessed independently or simultaneously, with negative (inverted) versions for modulation and filter envelopes.
- 3 LFOs with tempo synchronization (2 polyphonic, 1 global) with 7 different shapes
- 8 assignable modulation slots and 4 additional fixed modulation routings for common assignments, with 12 modulation sources and 55 modulation destinations
- Real-time sequencer, 512 notes with polyphonic modes and 4 animations with recordable/editable parameters
- 3 powerful independent and user-configurable stereo effect engines with Chorus, Phaser, Flanger (Positive and Negative/Reverse), Tremolo, LoFi, Rotary, Stereo Delay, Ping-Pong Delay, X-over Delay and Reverb that can be arranged in any order.
- 500 fully editable user patches, delivered with 300 factory programs
- 100 pre-programmed sequences that can be linked to any patch
- 100 built-in effect presets
- 8 quick recall slots accessible via the front panel,
offering a fast loading of your favorite patches
- 25 rotary encoders, 9 buttons
- 4-axis joystick that can be assigned to a wide range of
modulation destinations and virtually locked if necessary
- Multiple keyboard modes (mono, poly, unison 2, unison 4, unison 8, stack 2 and stack 4)
- Slip and portamento, with Legato and Staccato modes
- Steel and aluminum frame cut for touring, 19-inch format
- Power supply 9V DC / 1.5A, positive center

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