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Jhs Colour Box V2

Electric guitar preamp
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In 2012, JHS had a crazy idea for a tone shaping device that had never been done before in the world of guitar pedals. An effects pedal that replicated the hard to achieve sounds of famous « direct-in » electric guitar recordings. Bands like the Beatles, Spoon, WIlco, and Steely Dan had used this technique for years, but it was nearly impossible to recreate live.
This pedal transforms the guitar rig into the tonal equivalent of a Neve studio console, and that was no small task. After lots of trial and error, experimentation, and re-works, this concept evolved into something far beyond what was first imagined.
The Colour Box was a full-fledged studio-grade preamplifier, EQ, and distortion generator with multi-instrument compatibility. It did what I had always wanted it to do, but it did so much more!

This pedal showed up in all types of environments. Producers, engineers, and artists tagged JHS on socials and showing how they had put the Colour Box to use. Studio vocals, live vocals, kick drums, acoustic guitars, bass, keys, overhead drums, stereo bus’s, room mics, synths, re-amps, and some incredibly large stage setups had it on almost every instrument !

This unit can be heard on dozens of recordings from U2, Wilco, Beck, Mac DeMarco, St. Vincent, The National, Spoon, Collective Soul, Muse, to War on Drugs, Foo Fighters, and Phantogram amongst others. As proud of this pedal as we were, we wanted to make it better, so we did. – Josh Scott
The Colour Box V2 has all the same functionality of the V1 with many new and improved additions like expanded EQ controls, a Hi/Lo switch for massive clean headroom, and the ability to pass phantom power to your condenser mics.

Improved additions of JHS PEDALS Colour Box V2 :

- expanded EQ controls
- Hi/Lo switch for massive clean headroom
- ability to pass phantom power to your condenser mics
- addition of an Output transformer
- safely Passes 48v Phantom Power
- EQ Shift Knobs for precision EQ control
- Hi/Lo Switch for ultra clean headroom
- 100% available clean signal even on acoustic guitar
- Silent switching, aka no "switch-pop"
- Runs on standard 9V DC Neg power


Ref : 92602
- Technology : transistors
- JHS PEDALS Colour Box V2
- Compact effect pedal
- Reproduit le son caractéristique d'une console de studio vintage Neve
- Processeur polyvalent compatible avec de nombreux instruments et applications : voix studio, voix live, grosse caisse, guitare électrique et acoustique, basse, claviers, micros batterie overhead, bus stéréo etc
- Made in USA
- 2020
- Sound and character of a Vintage Neve Studio console
- For all instruments and microphones
- 2x Serial gain stages
- Advanced EQ section with +/- 17 dB cut/boost in each band
- Can transfer 48 V phantom power to condenser microphones
- Controls for : Master, Pre-Vol, Step, Hi Pass, Treble, Middle, Bass, Treble Shift, Mid Shift, Bass Shift
- Hi-pass toggle switch activates the high-pass section
- Hi/Lo toggle switch selects between Clean Mode (lower gain) or Distorted Mode (higher gain)
INST/XLR switch selects the input source
- Pad switch (-20 dB) for the XLR input
- XLR/TRS (6.3 mm) Combo input
- XLR Output
- 6.3 mm Mono jack output
- True Bypass
- Operates via 9V DC power supply with 2.1 x 5.5 mm coaxial power connector, negative polarity (-) inside (not included)
- Current draw mA
- Doesn't work with battery
- 120 x 110 x 60 mm
- 480 g
- Manual : https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5e15fee7e3eed416f4bbcf05/t/5e7cc76f0a25f053ac434bcc/1585235823286/Colour+Box+V2+Manual+copy.pdf

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