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DCR Drive Chorus Rotary

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KEELEY DCR Drive Chorus Rotary compact effect pedal allows to perfectly blend two fully separated channels, crunch ou lead distortion and chorus/flanger/rotary speaker cabinets.!

The KEELEY DCR is an easy drop-in for a rhythm or chord work pedal. The DCR has a highly saturated, perfectly compressed, tube-gain tone. There are two drive profiles; one being full-range and highly saturated, the other drive mode combines a slight shelf filter and low-pass filter, perfect for warming up or thickening any guitar. In and Out jacks double as TRS inserts and allow you to insert any effect in between the drive and chorus.

The drive section feeds into one of two types of modulation: a chorus/flanger pedal or a rotary-speaker swirl. In a visual nod to the Ibanez Sesh-Man, the DCR combines the drive and chorus combo experience of that pedal, but with the thick modulated tone of the old TC line cord choral/flange or the unique tone-stamp of a rotary speaker! Keeley designed rotary speaker tones are known for being lush and EQ’d in a way that captures the magic of those 3D mechanical choruses. Choose between a Vibra and Les mode to create a vintage organ tone. Choose between Chorus and Flange mode to give a thick, doubling chorus or a syrupy, slick flanger tone.
KEELEY DCR Drive Chorus Rotary
Ref : 95495
- KEELEY DCR Drive Chorus Rotary
- 2x independant circuits for overdrive and modulation
- For electric guitar
- Compact effect pedal
- Made in USA
- 2021
- 2x modes for each circuit
- Circuit 1 rotary speaker or chorus/flanger
- Circuit 2 crunch or lead
- Independant controls and footswitches for each circuit
- True-Bypass
- Power only via optional 9VDC block, 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center, current draw 100 mA
- Battery operation not supported
- Metal housing
- 121 x 94 x 34 mm
- 350 g
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