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Xmas Korg OPSIX FR

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True six-operator FM synthesis and more
The opsix is a new digital synthesizer that incorporates a new six-operator sound generator designed by Korg. Although the instrument has a six-operator FM sound structure like conventional FM synthesizers, the opsix does not just reproduce their sounds - it totally re-imagines them! With a variety of waveforms, operator modes that go beyond the realm of FM, and a filter that brings together a subtractive synthesis fusion, the opsix tames the complexities of FM so you can focus on exploring the sounds. In short, the opsix offers the simplicity of analogue synthesis editing to control the power of arguably the most advanced digital synthesis.
Complete editing with DATA ENTRY buttons
To complete the six operator mixer, the opsix is equipped with six DATA ENTRY buttons for complete editing without compromising any information. You can now edit without getting lost, thanks to the rotary encoders and the combination of six graphic parameters on the large central OLED display.

Five Operator Modes Pushing the Limits of FM Synthesis

Of course, the opsix brings together everything that makes classic digital FM synthesis attractive, but that's not all. In addition to sine waves, the opsix offers an expanded list of diverse waveforms, providing access to even more complex harmonic sounds.

The opsix's operating modes are used to generate sounds completely outside of what a traditional FM tone generator can do. The opsix gives you a much wider range of sound creation, allowing you to combine the five operator modes (FM, ring modulation, filter, FM filter and carrier wave) and choose from a variety of waveforms.


Ref : 96157
- Number of keys : less than 49 keys
- Touch : light touch
- Type of synthesizer : numerical modeling
- FM exploration easier than ever
- Complete editing with DATA ENTRY rotary encoders
- Five operator modes that push the limits of conventional digital FM synthesis
- 40 predefined algorithms and user algorithms
- Three EGs, three LFOs and 12 virtual patches provide a wide range of modulation
- Eleven built-in filters including MS-20 and Polysix filters
- Three series of 30 types of high-definition effects
- Enhanced visual editing with spectrum analyser and oscilloscope.
- Powerful 16-step polyphonic sequencer
- Discover unimaginable sounds with the Randomize function.
- Smooth Sound Transition (SST) functions
- Compact design with 37-key keypad

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