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Sales Mooer Preamp Live

Electric guitar preamp
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MOOER Preamp Live for electric guitar allows to combine 50 tube amps and 30 speaker cabinet modelisations and store these creations store/recall via MIDI 12 rigs (4x channels in 3x banks A/B/C).
All banks and channels can be selected using the four foot switches on the unit. There are knobs for Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain that let you tweak the tone to your taste and then save it to each channel. The unit also has a clean Boost knob that can be set Pre or Post. All of the controls have LED surrounds to indicate each knob’s position on a darkened stage.
Plus TONE CAPTURE function can memorise the true sound of your rig so that you can use it in any situation.

In addition, there are master controls for Volume, Presence, FX Blend (for use with the built-in effect loop) and Cabinet Simulation (switchable between the main 1/4-inch output and the XLR output).

Connections include a standard 1/4-inch input, 1/4-inch and XLR outputs, effect loop, USB, power and a headphone jack for private practice.


Ref : 83711
- Technology : transistors
- MOOER Preamp Live
- Programmable modeling guitar preamp
- 50 authentic tube amps modelisations
- 30 speaker cabinet simulations assignable to each channel
- 12 independant channels (3x4 banks)
- Controls : Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Gain, Boost
- TONE CAPTURE function to sample your own amp and create your own sounds
- Load custom IR with software
- Boost Pre/Post
- Noise Gate Pre/Post
- Fully mappable MIDI IN & OUT
- Fully programmable effects loop, serial & A/B
- True Bypass
- USB and Bluetooth connects to PC, MAC, and Mobile App
- Balnced XLR out
- 12 V DC power adapter included
- Doesn't work on batteries
- Cons. 600 mA
- Metal enclosure
- 230 x 130 x 46 mm
- 1180 g

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