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Mythos pedals SusMaryOsep! V2 Overdrive

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Overdrive, distortion & fuzz effect pedal

MYTHOS PEDALS SusMaryOsep! V2 is an update to the unique collaboration between Mythos Pedals and guitarist R.J. Ronquillo! The SusMaryOsep! V2 offers a wider array of tones compared to the initial release. A unique 3 in 1!

In early 2019 R.J. and Zach began tossing ideas around to create a unique drive/echo pedals and that evolved into the SusMaryOsep! What does SusMaryOsep mean ? Well it’s a common Filipino slang word that mothers yell at their children.
But what is the pedal you ask ? That’s a little more complicated ! The V2 ditches the sliders for knobs and gives players a Silicon Treble booster, and updated Herculean circuit and the same echo as before just with controls on the face. The switching has been refined for less popping and we’ve tried our hardest to spare no expense in creating exactly what R.J. wanted.
MYTHOS PEDALS SusMaryOsep! V2 Overdrive


  • Ref : 105147
  • - MYTHOS PEDALS SusMaryOsep! V2
  • - SKU Mythos Pedals SUSMARYOSEP!V2
  • - Overdrive, silicon treble boost, echo
  • - For electric guitar
  • - Compact effect pedal
  • - Made in USA
  • - 2022
  • - Overdrive circuit, updated Herculean V2 with more open voicing
  • - Silicon Treble Booster circuit with 3 way tone voicing switch (internal Gain and Bias Controls)
  • - Echo circuit features a PT2399 chip with approx. 450ms of delay time (external Mix slider with side accessible Time and Feedback trimpots)
  • - True Bypass Switching
  • - Top mounted quality jacks, switches, pots, and components throughout
  • - Controls : see pictures
  • - In & Outs : see pictures
  • - All Mythos Pedals operate on standard 9 volt dc power adapters, center negative only
  • - Mythos Pedals do not have internal 9 volt battery clips

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