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Neumann V 402

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The V402 is a 2-channel preamp from Neumann.

The V 402 is Neumann's first microphone preamplifier since the introduction of the legendary V 476b in the 1980s,
still widely used and much appreciated in many professional studios. As technology has since
progress, Neumann has continued its quest for the best preamplifier for Neumann and other microphones.
high quality studio models. Neumann microphones, current and vintage, have always aimed at perfect sound. The
preamplifier V 402 is therefore designed to preserve the full sound image of the microphone. Regardless of the setting
of the gain, nothing is added or deleted. Perfection cannot be corrected!
The Neumann V 402 is designed to achieve the highest degree of linearity and purity of sound. It amplifies the signal of the
microphone without unwanted coloration or sonic artifacts such as noise and distortion. Nowadays, even
Cheap preamps claim to be "linear" and "neutral", but often lack finesse and detail.
audible; the output signal sounds "dull" and "dull", especially at the highest gain settings. It took
meticulous engineering, rigorous measurements and extensive listening tests to create a preamplifier worthy of
bear the name Neumann. The V 402 retains all the details of the original signal, letting its true colours shine through.
The DI inputs are also synonymous with sonic purity and capture the sound of electric guitars and basses in the same way.
than other instruments without staining or loss of detail. Sophisticated circuitry and very high impedance
The input channels ensure brilliant sound without audible noise.
A switchable 20 dB attenuator allows the V 402 to be used with high level sources up to 28 dBu without the need for an external power supply.
Warp. The high-pass function has been carefully designed to eliminate unwanted noise and rumble.
without degrading the signal.


Ref : 94378
- Type of preamp : transistor
Transformerless two-channel advanced microphone preamplifier
- Two ultra-high-impedance studio-quality instrument inputs
- Switchable low-cut feature suppresses rumble without degrading the signal
- Headphone amplifier with exceptional sharpness
- Easy control listening mix with volume control for each channel
- Handmade in Germany

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