Pioneer dj DJM-A9

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Dj mixer

The Pioneer DJM A9 is a 4-channel DJ mixer.

The DJM A9 immediately raises the bar for club mixers, bringing huge improvements over the DJM-900NXS2: stunningly clear sound, improved playability and connectivity, and a host of new features to help you take your DJing to the next level.
A high-quality 32-bit A/D converter from ESS Technology is built into the input section of the channels, and the master and booth output sections are equipped with the same type of D/A converters to deliver crystal-clear sound on the dance floor or in the DJ booth, no matter what kind of music you're playing. The sound of the microphone input and headphone outputs has also been refined through fine-tuning and improved construction with carefully selected new components.
The DJM-A9 has also benefited from major improvements in handling. Several elements have been modified to make the mixer more instinctive and comfortable to use, including increased spacing around the EQ buttons.
The channel faders and MAGVEL FADER crossfader are also smoother than on the DJM-900NXS2, making mixing and scratching even more natural. And the Sound Color FX feature Center Lock, the industry's first center lock function, ensures that you don't accidentally overshoot the hi/low settings, no matter how fast you turn the knob.
The DJM-A9 is compatible with the next version of rekordbox, which will be available in March 2023. To use the mixer with Serato DJ Pro, you will need to purchase a licence or subscription for the software.
The mixer supports DVS control via both applications.
In addition, the DJM-A9's built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity is very useful for teams working on the public side, as they can use the new Stagehand app to remotely monitor various information from the mixer, and even control certain functions via an iPad wirelessly connected to the same LAN router as the decks. By being able to keep an eye on things like level meters and song details, sound engineers can adjust sound settings and troubleshoot problems without having to go into the booth or disturb the DJ.
Breathtakingly clear sound
Your sets will sound better than ever with the DJM-A9, whose audio quality surpasses that of the DJM-900NXS2.
Advanced Playability
You'll feel like you're holding a musical instrument in your hands when using the DJM-A9, which inherits the familiar DJM series layout, but includes updated controls and components for even more precise mixing and instinctive scratching.
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Technical sheet

  • Number of channels 4 channels and more
  • Input/output ports:
  • Inputs :
  • DIGITAL x 4 (coaxial)
  • LINE x 4 (RCA)
  • PHONO x 4 (RCA)
  • MIC x 2 (XLR & 6.3 mm TRS jack x 1, 6.3 mm TRS jack x 1)
  • Outputs :
  • MASTER x 2 (XLR x 1, RCA x 1)
  • BOOTH x 1 (6.3 mm TRS jack)
  • REC x 1 (RCA)
  • DIGITAL MASTER x 1 (coaxial)
  • PHONES x 4 (6.3 mm stereo jack x 2, 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack x 2)
  • USB:USB A x 1
  • USB B / USB C x 2.
  • Others :SEND (6.3 mm TS jack) x 1
  • RETURN (6.3 mm TS jack) x 1
  • LAN (100BASE-TX) x 1.
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 40 kHz (LINE)
  • S/N ratio
  • 114 dB (USB, Digital IN)
  • 88 dB (PHONO)
  • 105 dB (LINE)
  • 79 dB (MIC 1, MIC 2)
  • Maximum dimensions :
  • (W × D × H)
  • 407.4 × 458.3 × 107.9 mm (with wireless antenna: 140.7 mm)
  • Weight: 10.2 kg.
  • Accessories
  • Power cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Operating instructions.
  • Compatible software
  • rekordbox
  • Serato DJ Pro
  • ShowKontrol
  • PRO DJ LINK Bridge
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