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BE 9700 MEDIA V2

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The POwer acoustics BE 9700 Media V2 is a portable PA system with SD/USB/Bluetooth player + 2 UHF handheld microphones.

The BE 9700 MEDIA V2 has a new modern and neat design. It is quite difficult to obtain high power levels while keeping a significant autonomy. With the BE 9700 MEDIA V2, Power Acoustics has integrated dual amplification so that an extra pair of passive speakers can be connected. The BE 9700 MEDIA V2 is equipped with an ultra powerful battery to ensure long battery life. This new portable sound system is very powerful (200W + 120W), complete with its 2 hand-held microphones, and compact, allowing it to be used for all types of conferences, speeches or various presentations. It will be able to accompany you on a large number of performances.
Ref : 105758
- Power output: 200W + 2 x 60W PROG
- Bluetooth receiver and SD/USB drive
- 2 UHF handheld microphones
- Remote control
- THD 0.1% (0.1)
- Sensitivity : 105dB + /
- 3dB
- 2 wired microphone inputs on 6.35mm jack
- 1 AUX input on RCA plugs x2
- 1 AUX output on RCA plugs x2
- Additional amplifier: 2 x 60W RMS to connect two passive speakers
- Separate volume control for passive speakers
- Bass speaker: 15''.
- Tweeter: 1.3" tweeter
- Frequency response: 50Hz
- 20KHz
- Telescopic UHF microphone antenna
- Power supply: 15V/10A external power supply
- Rechargeable batteries: 12V/12AH
- Passive speaker connection: 2 terminal type sockets requiring a stripped cable
- Charging time: 8 hours
- Finish: new design with an ABS case
- Dimensions: 828 x 535 x 465 mm
- Weight : 29 kg
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