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The BE9610 UHF ABS is a portable all-in-one sound from the Power brand.

It contains a Cd Mp3 Player, USb, Divx, 2 handheld UHF pickups, Bluetooth.

The BE 9610 UHF ABS is a compact and complete portable sound system that can be used to sound any type of conference, speech or presentation. Very practical with its rechargeable batteries it can accompany you on a large number of benefits.


Ref : 82355
Technical characteristics :
- Portable PA with rechargeable batteries
- DVD player, Dvix and MP3 CD
- USB input
- Bluetooth receiver
- Remote control
- 2 UHF receivers
- 2 hand UHF pickups
- Location with lid on the left side to store the pickups
- 2 wired microphone inputs on 1/4 "jack
- 1 AUX input on RCA jacks
- 1 AUX output on RCA jacks
- 1 video output on RCA jack
- HP of serious: 10 ''
- HP high: Tweeter 1,5 ''
- Power: 100W
- Frequency response: 65Hz - 18KHz
- SPL: 105 dB
- THD:

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