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Roland JX-08

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The JX-08 reintroduces the unique sound of the JX-8P, that much sought-after classic in every detail, complete with powerful new effects and a polyphonic sequencer, among other things. And to optimize your compositional process, there's a panel filled with controllers from the PG-800, the original instrument's companion programmer.
While the original design of the JX-8P has been retained for this modern version, a host of new features enhance the music-making experience. Explore over 100 new patches designed for contemporary styles, or use the available controllers to create your own sounds. And with improved polyphony and two-part multitimbral capabilities, your musical ideas will grow with ease. Once you've found your style, you can store your creations for instant recall using the 256 preset slots.

Even deeper effects.
The JX-08 is equipped with 17 powerful effects, many of which are new to the Roland Boutique lineup. You can add sparkle to your JX patches with classic Chorus, Phaser and Delay, or get a little more extreme with Overdrive, Fuzz, Bit Crusher or the new Lo-Fi Compressor. Filters and Pitch Shifters are also available to give your sounds extra dimension and character.

Scalable music.
Once you've set up your patches, switch to the two-part polyphonic sequencer and start programming leads, bass lines, or basic chords that will be synchronized with the other parts of your electronic ensemble. And to produce evolving sounds, use the built-in motion recording and arpeggiator, which will make your melody lines really dance.

MIDI, USB and external clock input.
The JX-08 features a built-in USB-C audio/MIDI interface, which allows you to play, record and sync with any type of computer-based music production software. Standard MIDI input and output allow you to use other MIDI instruments. There's even an external clock input to run the JX-08's sequencer and arpeggiator from vintage analog instruments and modern Eurorack systems.

Grab your module. Go on tour.
Its compact size allows the JX-08 to fit anywhere and be easily controlled by a master keyboard or music software. It can let you play for hours on standard AA batteries, with a built-in speaker to hear your sounds in any situation. Add a DK-01 Boutique Dock to complete your look and have three tilt angles, or a K-25m keyboard for a portable, stand-alone instrument.


Ref : 100307
- Type of expander : synthesis
- Authentic JX-8P sounds and behaviours
- Built-in PG-800 programmer features
- All 32 presets from the original JX-8P, plus 111 new presets
- 17 new effect types including JUNO-106 Chorus, SDD-320 Reverb, Lo-Fi Compressor, Super Filter, Pitch Shifter, etc.
- A 64-step, two-part polyphonic sequencer with motion recording, random pattern generator, and 128 storable patterns
- Built-in arpeggiator
- Extended polyphony compared to the original instrument
- Two-part multitimbral for playing multiple patches with dual and split capabilities
- USB-C audio/MIDI interface, standard MIDI input and output, external clock input
- Ultra-portable for mobile music creation
- High quality design with metal front panel
- Powered by 4 AA batteries or USB-C
- Control information can be sent and received via MIDI and USB-C
- Built-in mini speaker for immediate listening
- Compatible with DK-01 Boutique Dock and optional K-25m keyboard

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