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Strymon Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser

Modulation, chorus, flanger, phaser & tremolo effect pedal
379.00 €
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STRYMON Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser compact effect pedal is actually two different phasers, side by side in one pedal.
Zelzah’s 4-stage side gives you a wide array of classic tones ranging from phasing to vibrato and more, while the 6-stage side provides phasing, flanging, chorus, and all points in between.
Dial in a chorus on one side and barber pole phaser on other, or a phaser on one side and tremolo on the other. Use the two sides independently or together in a variety of configurations. Zelzah may become the only modulation pedal you keep on your board.

Being true stereo, Zelzah processes incoming stereo signals independently, with the left input being treated to its own 4-Stage and 6-Stage phasers, and the right input also having its own respective phasers.
Pair that with the ability to also process incoming stereo signals in split mode, where the 4-Stage phaser processes the left input only and the right input is processed by the 6-Stage phaser, and Zelzah just may be the most flexible modulation pedal on your board.

Connect an expression pedal and enjoy a whole new level of instantaneous, continuous control. Set as many knobs as you like for the heel position and toe position of your expression pedal, and all settings will simultaneously morph throughout the full range of the expression pedal.
If you need more presets, connect a MultiSwitch Plus for three presets available at the press of a footswitch.
With full MIDI implementation, you can also control just about every switch, knob, and setting remotely with by sending MIDI commands from your controller or DAW via Zelzah’s EXP/MIDI jack or USB-C connection.


Ref : 99398
- STRYMON Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser
- Reverbs & modulations
- Programmable stereo compact effect pedal
- Made in USA
- 2021
- 2x fully independent, versatile phasers at the touch of a button
- Use one at a time, or use both in one of several possible routing configurations
- True stereo operation (two phasers running side by side or in series)
- Expression pedal input
- USB jack for controlling via MIDI from a computer or for performing firmware updates
- Selectable True/Buffered Bypass
- Premium JFET analog front end
- Ultra low noise 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters
- 32-bit floating point processing
- 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
- Included 9VDC Power Supply (300mA)
- Battery operation not supported
- 178 x 114 x 44 mm

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