Teenage engineering EP-133 KO II

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Synthetizer and drum machine buying guide

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With the EP-133 K.O.II, TE presents the pocket sampler on steroids: in a handy housing
A wealth of functions have been packed that even beat some larger opponents.

Turns everything into an instrument:
Sounds from the environment, your own voice, your favorite synthesizer, vinyl records or
any audio file from a phone.

Sequence beats:
Samples arranged to a beat: for a quick start, EP-133 comes with a selection of pre-installed drums, basses and keys

In PLAY mode, effects can be automated, fine-tuned and the sound can be broken down to infinity in real time with punch-in effects.

The Evolution of the Pocket Operator: EP-133 K.O. II.
In 2015, Teenage Engineering launched the first Pocket Operator, a series of affordable and portable micro-synths
and samplers followed. With the world's best-selling sampler PO-33 K.O.! The next evolution follows as a blueprint, EP-133 K.O. II.
EP-133 K.O. II. is a portable and powerful synthesizer, sampler and composer with a completely redesigned sequencer,
Brand new Punch-in 2.0™ effects and a workflow that takes you from idea to track faster than ever.
EP-133 K.O. II is portable and can be played anywhere - away from programmed beats and towards the moment.
It features a built-in microphone for instant sampling, a built-in speaker, 999 sample slots, 64MB memory,
a powerful, precise sequencer, multifunctional faders and a selection of drums, basses and keys.
Stereo and punch-in effects can be added in real time, MIDI devices can be synced and looped,
Play sounds chromatically and expressively with the new keyboard.
EP-133 K.O. II runs on 4x AAA batteries and can be powered via USB-C.
EP-133 K.O. II comes in a 10-inch collector's box with quick-start instructions.
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  • Portable sampler/sequencer
  • World's first super segment hybrid display
  • built-in microphone and speaker
  • High-resolution sequencer
  • 999 sample slots
  • 9 projects with 80,000 notes each
  • 6 stereo voices / 12 mono voices
  • 32-bit float internal signal processing, 24-bit ADC/DAC
  • 12 vintage-style velocity sample pads with a modern touch for true tactility
  • 4 group pads
  • 6 built-in master FX
  • Pocket Operator-inspired Punch-In FX 2.0(tm)
  • Stereo line in: 24bit, SNR: 96dba, max 8dBu, 2.0Vrms
  • Stereo headphone line out: 24bit, SNR: 98dba, max 5dBu, 1.4Vrms
  • Sync in/out: sync 8 ppm, 16 ppm, 24 ppqn, start/stop
  • TRS-a MIDI in/out, MMA compatible
  • USB-C port for MIDI and power supply
  • Power supply: USB-C or 4xAAA batteries
  • EP Sample Tool: Transfer audio files and samples to/from a computer
  • Dimensions: 240 x 176 x 16mm
  • Weight: 620g
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