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Blackbird Overdrive

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The VS AUDIO BlackBird Overdrive is a pedal that succeeds in generating blackface/brownface-style drive and works as a flexible tone-sculpting platform.

There are lots of amp-in-a-box-style pedals and while some are great, many are less dynamic-nailing one particular type of tone well, but failing flat when you deviate from that path. In this regard, the BlackBird is very different. It nails in an unbelievable way black & brownface tones, from almost clean & light to quite gainy overdrive with natural compression. Specially designed and thoughtfully voiced for those who seek a responsive to pick dynamics with tone clarity overdrive in a pedalboard friendly size.

Placing the BlackBird further down your effects chain reveals its ability to function like a true preamp, giving other overdrives and dirt boxes a glassy blackface or a spongy brownface touch.
VS AUDIO Blackbird Overdrive
Ref : 103920
- VS AUDIO BlackBird Overdrive
- Fender© Blackface© and Brownface© inspired overdrive
- Compact effect pedal
- Hand made in Greece
- 2023
- 100% analog circuit
- Controls : see pictures
- Connections : see pictures
- True Bypass
- 9V or 18V circuit, optional power supply (barrel 2.1 mm plug, negative center, current draw 22 mA)
- Doesn't work on batteries
- 61 x 112 x 31 mm
- 450 g
- Manual : https://urlz.fr/kUdz
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