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Waldorf M

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With M, we musically return to our roots by bringing back the classic Microwave and "modern" Microwave II sound generation as a next-generation classic hybrid wavetable synthesizer with a 24 dB/Oct low-pass analog VCF - SSI 2144 Improved Ladder Type - with analog resonance and saturation, stereo analog VCA with panning option, and much more to explore in a user-friendly desktop format offering a wide range of unique sounds. The numerous presets - totalling 2048 sound programs (divided into 16 banks of 128 sounds each) - professionally programmed by world-renowned sound designers, also include all of Microwave's classic sound sets, such as MW1 Factory Sound Set, MW1 Soundpool 1-5, Analogue and Bassco sounds, as well as the PPG Wave 2.3 sounds cleverly converted for the original Microwave.
But the musical heart of M, as an eight-voice polyphonic, four-part multitimbral WAVE TABLE SYNTHETIZER, is two wave table oscillators with independent wave table generation modes, Classic Microwave 1 and Modern Microwave II/XT, as indicated by the red crest on its metallic blue case, which itself alludes to its illustrious Microwave heritage, meaning that the wave table oscillators behave differently in these two modes.

Two LFOs, generating a frequency-adjustable periodic waveform Rate and Shape that can be used for modulation purposes, are also always at hand. However, unlike other Waldorf synthesizers, there is no modulation matrix in the M. This is a conscious design decision to configure the M's modulation facilities directly on the corresponding display page, as a tribute to the Microwave of 1989.

Back in the present, M takes performance to a whole new level, thanks to this advanced ARP with 16 pre-selected patterns, a tuning mode, and MIDI clock sync capability. In addition, four programmable ENVELOPES allow adventurous users to manipulate sound parameters via rate or time modulations.


Ref : 100109
- Type of expander : synthesis
- 4 times multitimbral (4 parts can be assigned to 4 individual stereo outputs)
- 2 wavetable oscillators with separate wavetable sound generator and 2 different models (Waldorf
Microwave I & Waldorf Microwave II)
- 96 factory wavetables + 32 memory locations for user wavetables
- 24 dB/oct analogue low pass filter (SSI 2144 extended cascade filter) with saturation
- Analogue stereo VCA for each voice
- 4 envelope generators: 8-segment time/level wave envelope, VCF and VCA-ADSR envelopes and a freely assignable 4-segment time/level envelope
- 2 LFOs with different waveforms
- Arpeggiator with 16 pattern presets and chord mode
- MIDI clock synchronizable
- 2048 sounds & 128 multi-programs
- Compatible with Waldorf Microwave I Sysex data (for sound bank transfer/sound transfer)
- SD card slot for loading/backing up sounds, sound banks and user wave tables
- MIDI: USB 2.0 and DIN (5-pin DIN sockets for In/Out/Thru)
- 2 unbalanced 1/4" line outputs (L/R stereo)
- 4 stereo outputs on 6.3 mm TRS jacks (auxiliary A-D outputs)
- Dimensions: 440 x 305 x 85 mm
- Weight: 5.7 kg

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