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Walrus Fundamental Delay

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Reverb, delay & echo effect pedal

The Walrus wstrong>Fundamental Delay provides you with the core sounds of repeated effects. With three delay algorithms, you can go from clean digital feedback to an analog delay emulation, as well as reversing your trails.
Time slider controls the rate of the delayed repeats. Feedback slider sets the number of repeats. Mix controls the mix of the effect and the original clean signal. All the way to the left outputs a fully clean signal, and all the way to the right outputs only the delay repeats.


  • Ref : 106762
  • - Digital Delay that provides core sounds of repeated effects
  • - From clean digital feedback to an analog delay emulation, as well as reversing your trails.
  • - Parameters: Time, Feedback, Mix
  • - Change between 3 distinct delay algorithms
  • - Digital: add a clean rhythmic delay back into your signal, with transparent repeats.
  • - Analog: add a filtered and slightly distorted delay back into your signal, designed to replicate the characteristics of bucket brigade delay chips.
  • - Reverse: add reversed trails back into your signal, create gentle melodies, or push into reverse feedback overload.
  • - Tap Tempo control engageable
  • - Select division of tap tempo control: quarter, dotted eighth, eighth
  • - Adjustable trails mode
  • - Simplified controls to make it easy for newer pedal users to dial in precise and emotional sounds
  • - Textured black finish with green and off white ink
  • - Diecast enclousre size: 11.43 x 6.1 x 5.8 cm
  • - Power requirement: 9V DC 100mA
  • - The use of an isolated power supply is recommended
  • - Power Supply not included
  • - Designed and assembled at Walrus Audio HQ in OKC, USA.

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