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New Wren and cuff Sonder Analog Chorus/Tremolo

Modulation, chorus, flanger, phaser & tremolo effect pedal
269.00 €
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WREN AND CUFF Sonder Analog Chorus/Tremolo compact effect pedal is a very special Chorus / Tremolo device. It begins with independent fully analog channels for Chorus and Trem. These channels layer together with endless combinations of Chorus with Tremolo — fast chorus, slow trem, slow chorus, fast trem; the interactive possibilities are endless.

Time for just one of the two effects ? The Sonder features an intelligent control-set that activates a buffered bypass for either the Chorus or Tremolo when the "Depth/Mix" knobs are set to 0% (removing them entirely from the signal chain). Meanwhile the Sonder features true-bypass when the bypass footswitch is engaged.

The Sonder also includes a tap tempo function for the tremolo channel. When activated with taps, the Sonder ignores the "Rate" knob and matches the tempo of the input taps. As soon as the "Rate" knob is adjusted the Sonder returns to manual control.

The Sonder also has another trick up its sleeve. You can toggle between a smooth “sine” wave tremolo, or the choppier “square” wave setting. But where is the switch? Simply hold your foot down on the tempo foot-switch. You’ll see the blinking LED turn from BLUE (smooth sine-wave, warm, Fender amp style pulsing), to RED (a choppy, harder, more affected square-wave tone) to indicate you are now in that mode. Pretty slick, huh!?

Creating luscious swirling tonal masterpieces is all a waste if it's lost in the mix of a live performance. So a sweetly-voiced boost circuit was added to help your Sonder stay loud and proud.


Ref : 95567
- WREN AND CUFF Sonder Analog Chorus/Tremolo
- Compact effect pedal for electric guitar
- Hand built in USA
- 2020
- Tap tempo footswitch
- Other controls : see pictures
- In/outs : see pictures
- True Bypass
- Powered with optional 9VDC supply (center negative) or 9v battery

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