Yamaha AG06 MK2

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Analog mixing desk

The AG06MK2 is a streaming mixer.

The AG06MK2 offers the same user-friendly setup and operation that has become synonymous with the AG series, but it also features two phantom-powered microphone inputs for condenser microphones. Combined with flexible connectivity including an enhanced 4-pole mini I/O, the AG06MK2 opens up a wider range of dialogue, interview, ensemble performance or other streaming applications than the AG01 or AG03MK2 configurations can cover.
The AG06MK2 allows you to connect two condenser microphones of your choice, as well as two stereo line inputs for instruments, and an enhanced 4-pin mini jack (TRRS) for smartphone input/output capability. Of course, it's also possible to add audio from USB-connected devices in LOOPBACK mode, as on previous AG models. This diverse range of connectivity allows high-sensitivity microphones to be used with each audio source for a variety of streaming applications such as podcasts with dialogue, interviews, vocal performances with an acoustic instrument, or even a live band.
Regardless of your particular streaming application, you'll probably want to add depth and dimension to the audio you're streaming to add professionalism to your streaming content. The AG06MK2 features optimized 1-TOUCH COMP/EQ and REVERB controls to dial in the sound that best suits your style, and a 1-TOUCH amp simulator to add authenticity and punch to your guitar input.
All of these tools are processed by the internal DSP chip, so there's no delay, which is especially useful for live streaming when real-time accuracy is crucial.
You also have the option of turning these effects off completely to capture pure, raw recordings via your favourite microphone for music/audio production to be edited by an engineer later.
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  • Mixer connectivity : usb
  • Number of channel mixing desk : 4 channels and less
  • Two condenser microphones can be used simultaneously
  • 48V phantom power on CH1-2 input for condenser microphones or DI boxes
  • Hi-Z input for guitars on CH2
  • High-resolution 2-track audio recording and playback (24-bit, 192 kHz)
  • Mini 4-pin input/output (TRRS) to support a wider range of streaming applications
  • Flexible inputs and LOOPBACK function ideal for live streaming or recording
  • Mute button for convenient live streaming
  • Easy control and professional sound with 1-TOUCH effects (COMP/EQ, REVERB and Amp Simulator)
  • AG controller (Windows/Mac/iOS) for precise parameter control
  • Windows/Mac support via USB-C connection
  • iOS connectivity via Apple Camera adapter (requires external USB power supply)
  • Android support via 4-pin mini input/output (TRRS)
  • USB-C power input (5 V DC, 900 mA)
  • Cubase Al, WaveLab Cast, Cubasis LE and Rec'n'Share are available
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