Yamaha YDP-145 R

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Digital piano with stand

The Yamaha YDP-145 ARIUS digital piano has expressive and sonic qualities that allow it to faithfully reproduce the playing sensation of a real piano. Easy to handle, it will unleash your full musical potential. Start your day with music, with a feeling of happiness: ARIUS pianos make you want to never stop.

Beautiful and powerful sound
The YDP-145 features a piano sound sampled from Yamaha's world-renowned CFX concert grand piano. The combination of its sparkling highs and deep bass provides a wonderfully expressive sound. From the lowest notes to the highest, the YDP-145 provides a detailed, clear and harmonically rich sound. It allows you to play expressively, being able to faithfully reproduce all the nuances of your daily practice and all the emotions you want to share during your performances.

Acoustic piano playability and half-pedal effect
The 88-note Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard has a natural feel with a heavier bass and lighter treble. It perfectly reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano with a piano-like response and feel, allowing for rapid note repetition and perfect tone control. In addition, it incorporates a half-pedal function that perfectly simulates the interaction between the damper and the string as the pedal is depressed.

Harmonic resonance like a grand piano
One of the elements that make a grand piano sound so charming is the sympathetic resonance created by the vibration of the entire instrument. The YDP-145 meticulously reproduces this phenomenon using a revolutionary technology called Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite (VRM Lite). VRM Lite creates a rich and varied sound by simulating the complex interactions created as string vibrations travel across the soundboard and to other strings, depending on keyboard playing and pedal usage.

Rich, powerful sound with tone escapement design
The YDP-145 uses a new design that allows the sound emanating from inside the cabinet to escape to the back of the piano. This allows you to experience the natural sound radiation and three-dimensional resonance of an acoustic piano.

Many built-in songs and intuitive operation with smart pianist
In addition to its outstanding grand piano sound, the YDP-145 also offers other sounds, with a total of 10 instruments, including an electric piano, organ, vibraphone and strings.
The YDP-145 also features 353 songs, including 50 classical songs, and 303 practice songs from famous methods, such as the Beyer, Burgmüller, Czerny, and Hanon methods. It is also compatible with the free Smart Pianist app: simply connect your smartphone or tablet to the instrument* after downloading and installing the app.
Easily operate the instrument's various functions using the Smart Pianist app and even view the sheet music for the built-in songs. It also offers a Piano Room function, to help you perfect the piano sound by making various adjustments.
* A wired connection, using a cable suitable for your smartphone or tablet, is required.

Features for greater comfort when using headphones
The YDP-145 uses a new technology that optimally corrects the sound balance according to the selected volume, giving you a natural, pleasant and relaxing sound for your ears, even when you play for a long time.
It also features Stereophonic Optimizer technology, which allows you to enjoy the same sound as when you sit in front of an acoustic grand piano, even with headphones.

Careful design for perfect integration
Although it is mainly based on straight curves, it also incorporates curves reminiscent of the typical curves of a grand piano. In addition, you can choose from a variety of finishes to suit your interior and personal taste.
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Technical sheet

  • Number of keys 88 keys
  • Piano color Rosewood
  • Piano type Upright
  • Touch Heavy touch
  • Keyboard: 88-note Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action with matte black keys
  • -Meticulous sampling of the Yamaha CFX concert grand
  • -10 tones
  • 192-note polyphony
  • New Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite (VRM Lite) 2-track recording (1 song)
  • -50 classical music tracks, 303 practice tracks
  • -Dual function and Duo mode
  • -Stereophonic Optimizer, Intelligent Acoustic Control
  • -USB to HOST
  • -2 headphone jacks
  • -Amplification: 2 x 8 W
  • -Speakers: 2 x 12 cm
  • -Sliding keyboard cover
  • Dimensions: 1357 x 815 x 422 mm
  • Weight: 38.0 kg
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