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Cameo PIXBAR 600 PRO

Led bar
570.00 € 491.00 €
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The PixBar 600 PRO Cameo is a wide-angle, convection-cooled, wide-angle LED bar designed for professional applications, featuring 12 ultra-bright 12-Watt RGBWA + UV LEDs.
Absolute silence, and thanks to its high refresh rate of 3000 Hz, does not cause any flicker.
In addition to an almost unlimited range of shades, with a possible change of color temperature, as for optimized macros with reference to LEE filters, the PixBar offers 3 shades of white and 4 dimmer curves to choose from.
The Single Pixel Control function allows you to address each LED individually, for very spectacular Chase effects.
The PixBar 600 PRO is fully RDM compatible, allowing it to communicate bidirectionally with RDM controllers, taking into account the address, status and all device parameters. Naturally, the lightbar is also controlled with the DMX protocol (7 modes) or is used in standalone mode, Master or Slave; it offers 14 automatic modes and an integrated microphone for music control. The manual setting is done via a backlit display and 4 function keys.
The aluminum housing of the Cameo PixBar 600 PRO is equipped with 3 and 5-pin input and output sockets for the DMX signal, as well as powerCON power sockets - all of these connectors are branded Neutrik. the power supply of the LED is between 110 and 240 volts; it comes with a mounting bracket and a frosted filter, ensuring a uniform and glare-free .


Ref : 77738
- Dmx compatible : yes
-Type of product: LED bars
-Type: Interior
-Spectre of colors: RGBWA + UV
-Number of LEDs: 12
- LED type: 12W
- Dispersion angle with a 600lx (single LED) frosted filter 41 °, without a frosted filter 1120lx (single LED) 23 °
-Fresh frequency: 3000 Hz
-DMX input: 3-pin male XLR connector, 5-pin male XLR connector
-DMX output: XLR female 3-pin connector, XLR female 5-pin connector
-DMX modes: 12 channels, 2 channels, 6 channels 1, 6 channels 2, 74 channels, 78 channels, 8 channels
-MDX Functions: Macro Color, Color Temperature Correction, Dimmer, Auto Programs, Single Pixel Control, Strobe
Autonomous modes: Auto programs, Static Color, Strobe
-Settings: Enter, Mode, Value Down, Value Up
-Indicators: LCD screen
-Mains voltage: 110 V AC - 240 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz
-Electric power consumption: 160 W
-Embase sector: Neutrik powerCON
-Material case: Die-cast aluminum
-Color box: black

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