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Cameo UVO

239.00 €
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-The Cameo UVO combines in a single versatile device effects Wash, UV projector, Flower, strobe and laser.
-It offers 5 DMX modes and offers seductive programs of driving by music or automatic operation.
- Thanks to its clearly readable display completed by four user keys.
-UVO is easy to configure, and comes with a convenient infrared remote control .

-Equipped with 9 RGBW + UV LEDs, this 5-in-1 projector can be used in both Wash and Black light.
-84 LEDs provide fascinating flower effects.
-12 powerful white LEDs provide a fast, high brightness strobe effect, and the Class 3R laser projects perfectly clean red and green rays. It is protected from unauthorized use by a key switch, and an Interlock port is used to connect an emergency switch.
-The UVO is a perfect choice for a variety of lighting and fantastic lighting effects on all events and installations.

- Its black metal case incorporates a quiet fan, a retaining ring and a universal power supply. Its 3-point DMX and IEC network connectors facilitate cascade connection.
-The adjustable mounting bracket of the Cameo UVO offers very flexible mounting options.


Ref : 77676
- Dmx compatible : yes
-Product type LED light effects
-Type LED / strobes / lasers
-RGB Wash + UV Color Spectrum
-Number of Wash 9 LEDs
-Type of LED Wash 4W
-RGBA Flower Effect Color Spectrum
-Number of LEDs Flower Effect 84
-Wavelength Laser Effect red diode (650 nm), green diode (532 nm)
-Number of Laser Effect Diodes 1 x red, 1 x green
-Power Diodes Red Laser Effect 100 mW, Green 50 mW (DPSS laser)
-Laser Laser Effect Class 3R
- Laser extinguishing (safety function) connector for i - external emergency switch, switch
-Spectre Colors Strobe white
-Number of Strobe LEDs 12
-Type of Strobe LED 0.5 W
-DMX input 3-pin male XLR connector
-DMX 12 channels, 27 channels, 3 channels, 32 channels, 5 channels
-DMX output 3-pin female XLR connector
-DMX Flower Functions, Laser, Auto Programs, Sound Programs, Strobe, Wash
Autonomous Programs, Auto Programs, Sound Programs, Slave Mode
-Settings Low, Enter, High, Mode
-Indicators display 4 characters LED
-Embase base IEC input and return base
-Mains voltage 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
-70 W power consumption
-Fusible T1,6AL / 250V
-Temperature of use 0 - 40 ° C
-Material metal case
-Color black box
-Cooling silent fan
-Width 280 mm
-Height (mm) 230 mm
-Depth 170 mm
-Weight 2.6 kg
Other properties connector for external emergency switch, Infrared, Key switch with 2 keys, delivered with adjustable mounting bracket

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