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Electronic audio experiments CITADEL

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The brand Electronic audio experiments

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Overdrive, distortion & fuzz effect pedal

The CITADEL is a pedal offered by the Electronic Audio Experiments brand.

The Electronic Audio Experiments Citadel is a preamp-style overdrive that draws inspiration from the iconic tones of British amplifiers from the 60s and 70s. Rather than replicating a specific model, it captures the preferred characteristics of an entire generation of amplifiers , including warm piano-like clean tones, bright, clear overdrive, and sizzling leads.

The design of the Citadel began as a series of experiments based on our feT pedal model. Like any tube amplifier, it offers numerous modification possibilities. Indeed, the original feT model was itself an adaptation of the Super Bass sound, offering a distinct plexi flavor with smooth saturation and powerful low frequencies. Our approach enriched it with our own flavor. Once Brad finalized his “Marsha” prototype, we gained momentum. In a way, the Citadel can be seen as a reinterpretation of the Model T's plexi sound, trading the fat low frequencies for a sparkling midrange emphasis. From another point of view, it embodies our vision of a modern adaptation of the Model T, while respecting its essence.

Much like our feT model, the Citadel emulates both the preamp and power amp sections of a tube amplifier, providing rich overdrive that pairs perfectly with boosters, overdrives and fuzzes. It can be used as a conventional overdrive pedal or as the spearhead of an extended signal chain.
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Technical sheet

  • Bypass
    • Relay switching with true bypass
  • Input Impedance at 1 kHz
    • 500 k ohms
  • Output Impedance at 1 kHz
    • 1 k ohms
  • Power Supply
    • 9 V DC, center negative 2.1 mm barrel
  • Current Consumption
    • 65 mA

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