Mesa boogie Badlander 50 Head - Black Bronco

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Electric guitar amp head

Whether you need a compact 25-watt combo or a fire-breathing 100-watt head, MESA/Boogie’s Badlander™ Collection has been engineered by Randall Smith and his team in Petaluma, California, to deliver all the punch, power, and gain modern rock and metal players demand.

A tighter, meaner, and more aggressive twist on the Dual Rectifier® theme, the MESA BOOGIE Badlander 50 Head (Black Bronco) was designed in response to feedback from players who wanted less mid-scoop, refined highs and lows, and some British influence with their American-voiced gain. Running direct with our proprietary CabClone™ tech, or melting faces in the front row through a 4x12 cabinet, the Badlander redefines heavy tone.

Like all Badlanders, the Badlander 50 Head packs Mesa CabClone™ IR Direct Interface making recording and cab-less live capture easy. The same collection of Rectifier® Closed-Back and Boogie® Open-Back Cabinets from our stand-alone CabClone IR are included and provide a wide array of sounds and responses. For guitarists seeking tube tone and huge sounding gain through cabs or direct, from a compact 1x12 combo that’s easy to take with you, the Rectifier Badlander 25 1x12 Combo rules!
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Technical sheet

  • Custom shop No
  • Power of the guitar amplifier 50 to 99 watts
  • Technology Tubes
  • Modèle : MESA BOOGIE Badlander 50 Head
  • SKU : 2.BD5X.EU.3.AB
  • Category : electric guitar amplifier
  • Style : head
  • Technology : all valves (2x EL34 & 5x 12AX7), Silicon Diodes rectification
  • Power : 20w Class A/B Triode, 50w Class A/B Pentode Class A/B Triode, 25w Dyna-Watt™ Class A/B Pentode
  • Channels : 2 / 3x modes (Clean, Crunch, Crush) for each channel
  • Controls : independant for each channel, see pictures
  • Cab simulation : MESA CabClone™ IR Cab Simulator (8x MESA Cabinet IRs) for each channel, USB Connection for IR transfers, Internal Amp Load for cabinet-free use, IR Balanced XLR Direct Output, IR Output Level Control, & Ground/Lift Switch
  • Mesa Cabinet IRs : 4x12 Rectifier Standard (closed back) 4x12 Rectifier Traditional (closed back) 2x12 Rectifier Horizontal (closed back) 1x12 Rectifier (closed back) 1x12 Thiele (closed back, front ported) 2x12 Lone Star (open back) 1x12 Lone Star 23 (open back) 1x12 California Tweed 23 (open back)
  • Effects Loop : Tube-Driven, Series FX Loop
  • Speaker Outputs : 1x 8-Ohm and 2x 4-Ohm
  • Headphone Output : Yes
  • Cabinet Material : Marine Grade, Baltic Birch
  • 578 x 264 x 245 mm
  • 16.33 kg
  • Included : 1x Button Footswitch (Ch. 1/2), housse
  • Fitted Slipcover
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