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Nux Duotime NDD-6 Dual Delay Engine

Reverb, delay & echo effect pedal
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NUX Verdugo Series Duotime NDD-6 Dual Delay Engine compact effect pedal is a real stereo delay pedal with independent time / sub-division & repeat knobs. In the 80's, all of the professional musicians used rack-mount effects to run stereo delay. It was the golden era of legendary engineering like Lexicon Delta, TC 2290, Eventide H3000, and more. When we talked to "working musicians" we found that they were looking for a great stereo delay with a compact size and ultra-simple controls. So we discussed the absolutely essential requirements and developed the duotime Dual Delay Engine. It's ultra-musical, and easy to operate. So, let's dive-in and experience the most versatile delay pedal ever:

Duotime offers analog delay, tape echo, digital delay, modulation delay, and verb delay.


Ref : 96851
- NUX Verdugo Series Duotime NDD-6 Dual Delay Engine
- Core Image Technology digital delays & looper
- Compact effect pedal
- 2020
- Sample rate, processing & conversion 44 kHz / 32 bit
- Up to 1800ms stereo delay time by Tap Tempo
- 5 Delay types : Analog Delay / Tape Echo / Digi Delay / Mod Delay / Verb Delay
- Analog Delay (40ms~402ms) is based on the bucket-brigade device (BBD)
- Tape Echo (55ms~552ms) is based on RE-201 Tape Echo
- Digi Delay (80ms~1000ms) is based on modern digital delay algorithm with magic compression and filter
- MOD Delay (20ms~1499ms) is based on the Ibanez DML algorithm
- VERB Delay (80ms~1000ms) is the way to make your delay sound 3 dimensional
- Realistic infinite pitch-shift feedback in Analog and Tape modes
- Sub-division time signature with Tap Tempo foot switch
- 40 seconds stereo phrase loop with OLED status display
- Optional delay time display (MS/BPM)
- Musical time sync modulation rate in Analog and Modulation delay
- Detailed controls : see pictures
- Detailed connections : see pictures
- 150 x 115 x 57 mm
- 0,4402 kg
- Optional power supply (9VDC, cons. 150 mA)
- Doesn't work with batteries
- Manual : https://v2sources.siiite.com//enclosure/sources/oYsZfTHfJpvOILKe/NUX%20NDD-6%20duotime%20User%20Manual.pdf

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