Old blood noise Beam Splitter Distorsion triple

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  • Old Blood Noise Beam Splitter  Distorsion Triple - Overdrive, distortion & fuzz effect pedal - Main picture
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Overdrive, distortion & fuzz effect pedal

The Beam Splitter is an overdrive / distortion pedal that offers 3 different takes on overdrive, voiced to work together perfectly. 2 of them can be delayed in time, and all 3 can be run in parallel or split out to 3 separate sources.

• The Purple section is a hard-clipping distortion, it's the core gain sound and the heaviest and most compressed of the 3.
• The Green section is an overdrive with both soft and hard clipping and is the lightest and brightest. It features a Time knob which sets the delay time and the Decay knob sets the feedback of the delay.
• The Blue section is a transistor Overdrive and the most neutral and reactive, with a gain range somewhere in the middle. Its Gain switch sets the amount of breakup, with either less overdrive, less compression in the mids and highs, or with more overdrive and aggression. It also boasts Time and Decay controls, on top of the Tone and Volume knobs and gain switch.

The Deviate control is a shared knob that sets the amount of random variation in the delay time of the Blue and Green drive sections. It creates a more realistic sense of doubled players, with random variations in timing as if you were playing to the track twice. It can also give the impression of flanging, chorusing or broken vibrato, depending on the settings. This setting can be controlled externally via the Exp input.
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Technical sheet

  • Triple overdrive/distortion pedal
  • 3 different parallel drive/distortion sections with individual controls and outputs
  • Offers triple-tracked drive tones with impressions of flanging, chorusing or broken vibrato, depending on the settings
  • Individually adjustable delay time on Green and Blue distortion sections
  • Feedback controls for Green and Blue distortion sections to add intense filtering or trailing delays depending on Time setting
  • Deviate Control for adjusting randomness of delay time variation in Blue and Green drive sections â?? for a more realistic sense of doubled players
  • EXP input â?? for controlling Deviate knob remotely
  • Relay bypass switching
  • Made in the USA
  • Controls: Gain, vol, tone, gain, vol, tone, time, decay, vol, tone, time, decay, switch gain, deviate.

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