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Walrus Fable

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Reverb, delay & echo effect pedal

The Fable gives you five all-new programs centered around sample and chop delay algorithms to create bizarrely beautiful networks of sampled and resampled sounds. The Fable uses a powerful dual DSP architecture to combine delay programs in series with granular sampling algorithms, each with its own analog feedback path. Find unique soundscapes ranging from smooth, flowing ambience; to bizarre, organic reverberance; to chaotic, glitchy swarms.


  • Ref : 106347
  • - Granular soundscape generator
  • - Unique soundscapes ranging from smooth ambience to bizarre reverberance to chaotic glitchy swarms
  • - Powerful dual DSP architecture with individual feedback paths
  • - Combine delay programs in series with granular sampling algorithms
  • - 5 programs centered around sample and chop delay algorithms
  • - Program 1: Reverse Delay into Reverse Granular
  • - Program 2: Forward Delay into Octave Up Granular
  • - Program 3: Analog Delay into Octave Down Granular
  • - Program 4: Multi-Tap Granular into Multi-Tap Granular (Grain-Verb)
  • - Program 5: Forward Delay into Randomized Pitch Granular
  • - Manipulate sampling length, position and buffer size of grains (short samples)
  • - Play grains at double- or half-speed, reverse or from multiple positions to achieve different effects
  • - Tap Tempo switch
  • - Top-mounted Input and Output
  • - Coated in a slate gray enclosure with white, black, cream, red, and orange ink
  • - 9-volt DC, Center Negative, 300mA minimum
  • - Buffered bypass
  • - Power supply not included.
  • - Designed and assembled in USA

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