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Warm audio

Studio recording and live microphone

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the Warm Audio Wa-521 is a large diaphragm static microphone with multipole lamp.

The WA-251 has been designed to offer a new generation of artists the design of one of the best conventional microphones.
The WA-251 is a large-diaphragm diaphragm condenser microphone with multiple directivity and transformer-symmetry, inspired by the classic '251 that has been used on many tubes of the past 50 years.
He became extremely popular in the 60s as a vocal microphone and is now considered one of the best static microphones ever created. This classic is still widely used in professional studios, but it is very rare and expensive. Designing the WA-251 was a real challenge because many vintage components were no longer available.

The capsule
The WA-251 uses a custom reproduction of the vintage CK12 capsule that was used in the '251, with a strictly identical drilling pattern and frequency response. This capsule is made in Australia, with a perfect respect of vintage specifications.
The WA-251 uses a Slovak lamp JJ 12AY7. Warm Audio has tested three brands of lamps and chose the JJ 12AY7 for its frequency response and soft, vintage nature.
With a Cinemag transformer manufactured in the USA.
This transformer brings the presence in the treble and this width in the low end expected of a microphone '251 style.
The cable that connects the microphone to its power supply is one of the components that is often overlooked. The shield and the wire gauge impact the sound of a lamp microphone. Warm Audio has partnered with Gotham Audio in Switzerland to use their premium 7-pin cable. This cable improves the clarity of the recording by reducing phase shift and spurious effects.
The WA-251 uses polystyrene coupling capacitors, Wima film and a Solen capacitor on the output.


Ref : 84989
Customized reproduction of the CK12 style capsule - WA-12-B-60V
CineMag USA Output Transformer
12AY7 JJ lamp
Cable 7 pins 5 meters Gotham GAC-7
Wima, Solen, and Polystyrene capacitors
3 directivities: cardioid, omnidirectional, figure in 8
Dynamic range: 125dBA
Max SPL: 132dB (

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