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Igs audio Alter 500

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Kompressor limiter gate

The Alter 500 is a compressor offered by the brand IGS Audio.

Key Features of the Alter 500

  • This compressor delivers exceptional quality for vocal processing!
  • The ALTER 500 is a 500-series FET compressor inspired by the legendary 70s UREI 1176.
  • This mono model features stepped controls for both input and output.

Key Features of the Alter 500

New Settings and Advanced Functions

Its ratio selector offers six positions, including two additional options compared to the original 1:1 and 2:1 settings of the 1176. A "Slam" mode can be activated via a dedicated switch, independent of the ratio settings. Attack and release times are selectable among "Fast," "Mid," and "Slow" using a three-position switch.

Innovation and Precision

It features a front-panel relay bypass switch. The input benefits from modern low-noise op-amp balanced circuitry, while the output is equipped with a custom IGS transformer. The circuit includes two stages of discrete 990-based amplification with output control between stages. Gain reduction is visualized by a 20-LED bar graph.

Expert Reviews

  • The IGS Audio Alter 500 compressor is an outstanding choice for audio engineers seeking a versatile and high-quality compressor for their 500-series racks. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and sound quality, this compressor offers smooth, musical compression, perfect for a range of applications from recording to post-production.
  • The IGS Audio Alter 500 is an essential tool for any professional studio looking to add a high-quality compressor to its arsenal. Its ability to provide musical and transparent compression makes it a top choice for demanding producers and audio engineers.
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Technical sheet

  • Based on
    • UREI 1176
  • Stepped switch for
    • Input, Output, Ratio
  • Display
    • VU meter
  • Format
    • API 500
  • Requires
    • 500-series rack power supply

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