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Lindell audio LiN2A

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Kompressor limiter gate

The LiN2A is a preamp offered by the Lindell brand.

Lindell Audio has meticulously designed the LiN2A to faithfully recreate the sound quality and ease of use of one of the most popular dynamics processors of the last 60 years. Behind the simplicity of its interface lies remarkable versatility. Equipped with a premium Black Lion T4BLA optical element, it can easily deliver transparent smoothing for smooth vocals and add character and depth to bass and kick tracks.

'2A' type compression abandons the traditional ratio, attack and release settings in favor of a two-knob interface whose response adapts to the audio program. Bottom line: getting bad audio is virtually impossible, even if you try.
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Technical sheet

  • Type of preamp Transistor
  • High-quality components and transformers
    • Cinemag made in the USA
  • Optical element
    • Black Lion Audio T4BLA
  • Switchable control modes
    • Between compression and limiting
  • Controls
    • Input gain and peak reduction
  • VU meter
    • Calibratable for level or gain reduction information
  • Input/output
    • TRS 6.3mm balanced jack
  • Format
    • 19"/2U
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • 88 x 438 x 250 mm
  • Weight
    • 3.7 kg

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