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Diamond Memory Lane Deluxe Delay

Reverb, delay & echo effect pedal
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Similar to the Memory Lane Jr, the DIAMOND Memory Lane Deluxe Delay compact effect pedal features Delay, Feedback and Mix knobs.
However, the Modulation knob found on the former has been split into 2 parameters here, ala the original ML : Speed and Depth, which set the rate and intensity of the pitch shifting modulation. Where the modulation was fixed on the MLJ, you now have complete control over it and all its wackiness.
There’s an added EQ knob as well, acting as a ‘seesaw-like’ tilt frequency shaping control. The difference between this one and the ML/ML2 is that here the EQ is placed AFTER the feedback loop, whereas with the other two it was in the loop itself.

Another major difference is the Delay Time, which used to top out at 550/600ms, and now runs here in the Deluxe at 1200ms. The quarter note triplet has been replaced with the eighth note triplet, and the ‘continuously variable’ 4th delay mode is no longer constricted by the RAM memory amount, allowing it to fully utilize the 1200ms max delay time. The TAP/DBL footswitch can be configured in three different ways, giving you the exact control you need over this powerful delay machine.

The functionality is fantastic, the delays are warm and rich and the fact that they crammed all of this into such a perfectly-sized enclosure boggles the mind. As soon as these are available, you’d better grab one for yourself and experience all she’s got to offer.


Ref : 96032
- DIAMOND Memory Lane Deluxe Delay
- Hybrid analog/digital delay
- Compact effect pedal
- 1200 ms delay time
- Controls : see pictures
- Tap Tempo switch
- 3-positions Subdivision switch (1/4 note, dotted 8th and 8th note triplet subdivisions)
- Dry/Kill-Dry modes via DIP switch
- Ajdustable modulation
- True-Bypass or Buffered with Delay Trails
- Powered with included 9V or optional 9VDC power suply, negative center, cons. 70 mA

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