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Earthquaker Astral Destiny Reverb

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  • Earthquaker Astral Destiny Reverb - Reverb, delay & echo effect pedal - Main picture
  • Earthquaker Astral Destiny Reverb - Reverb, delay & echo effect pedal - Variation 1
  • Earthquaker Astral Destiny Reverb - Reverb, delay & echo effect pedal - Variation 2
  • Earthquaker Astral Destiny Reverb - Reverb, delay & echo effect pedal - Variation 3
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Reverb, delay & echo effect pedal

The EARTHQUAKER Astral Destiny is a compact and powerful modulated octave reverb pedal that features 8 reverb modes with 8 editable presets, assignable expression control, tails for natural reverb decay when the effect is bypassed and a super cool stretch feature that doubles the length of the reverb while adding an adjustable pitch bending effect.

The Astral Destiny operates between two different modes: Live or Preset. It comes with 8 factory presets, 1 for each reverb mode, that can be edited or completely overwritten for your enjoyment. The settings for Length, Depth, Rate, Tone, Mix as well as EXP assignment and Stretch length can all be stored and recalled. Any of the Astral Destiny’s 8 reverb modes can be used as the basis for each of the 8 presets.

Live Mode : this is the standard mode of operation that the Astral Destiny ships in and is indicated by a Green or Red Activate LED depending on the bypass state. Astral Destiny will operate manually in this mode and all controls will visually indicate the current settings.

Preset Mode : this puts the Astral Destiny into one of the 8 presets selected by the Preset rotary switch. This mode is indicated by a Yellow Activate LED. The panel controls will no longer operate as visually set and instead, the Astral Destiny will use the stored control settings for each selected preset position. If a control change is made while in Preset Mode, the Activate LED will begin to flash. You can easily save this change by holding down both footswitches until both LED’s flash 4 times indicating that the change has been saved.


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  • Ref : 96924
  • - EARTHQUAKER Astral Destiny
  • - Modulated octave reverb
  • - Compact effect pedal
  • - Hand built in USA
  • - 2021
  • - All analog dry signal path and a totally digital effect signal path
  • - 8x reverb algorythms (Abyss, Shimmer, Sub, Sub Shimmer, Astral, Ascend, Descend, Cosmos)
  • - 8x customizable/programmable presets
  • - Assignable expression or CV over Length, Depth, Rate, Tone, or
  • - Other controls : see pictures
  • - Connections : see pictures
  • - Buffered bypass switching with tails or no tails operation
  • - Stretch feature which doubles the reverb length
  • - Doesn't work with battery
  • - Consommation 85 mA
  • - 140 x 120 x 57 mm
  • - Manual :

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