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  • Empress Paraeq Mkii Deluxe Black - EQ & enhancer effect pedal - Main picture
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The brand Empress

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Eq & enhancer effect pedal

The PARAEQ MKII DELUXE BLACK is a pedal offered by the Empress brand.

This pedal combines all the features that made the ParaEq MKII Deluxe Empress' best-selling pedal in 2023: 3 bands of parametric equalization, 4 additional filters, a 30dB boost with dedicated footswitch, an internal 27 Volt power supply for increased dynamics, and the choice between true or buffered bypass.

Featuring 3 parametric bands each offering up to 15dB of boost/cut and a fully variable bandwidth, this pedal provides precise frequency control. The lower settings handle the high pass, low pass, and Baxandall low and high shelf filters. Whether you need wide, smooth curves or surgical precision, this pedal is the perfect tool. Operating internally at 27V, close to rack studio equipment, it provides ample headroom for even the most aggressive frequency boosts.

Activate up to 30dB of gain to bring out a solo in the mix or push your preamp into overdrive. You can set the boost to only act when the EQ is active, or to work completely independently, almost as if you had two separate pedals for EQ and boost on your pedalboard.

The ParaEq MKII Deluxe offers the choice between true bypass for maximum transparency and buffered bypass to protect against signal loss over long cable lengths.
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Technical sheet

  • Limited Edition
    • Sparkling black
  • Parametric EQ
    • 3 bands with 15dB boost/cut
  • Variable Bandwidth per Band
    • Variable per band
  • Filters
    • High-pass, low shelf, high shelf, and low-pass
  • 30dB Boost
    • With dedicated footswitch
  • Independent or Linked Use of EQ and Boost
    • EQ and Boost usable independently or linked
  • Internal Voltage
    • 27 Volts for increased dynamics
  • Bypass
    • True bypass or with buffer

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