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Maxon OD-9 Ctreamdrive Ltd

Overdrive, distortion & fuzz effect pedal
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The OD-9 is based, essentially, on the circuitry of the Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer. It is important to note that Maxon was responsible for the design and the manufacture of the legendary TS808 and many other products for Ibanez up until early 2002. With that said, let me assure you, this isn't just another knock-off... it's the real deal.When run between a single-coil equipped guitar and a good tube amplifier, the OD-9 will make you salivate. It had plenty of balls and punch in the low-end and midrange, with a smooth and creamy overdrive in the upper registers. It didn't seem to have any prWhile the OD808 may have been the first overdrive circuit of its kind, it was the OD-9 that cemented this sound in the history of Rock & Roll guitar.

Looking at the MAXON Limited Edition OD-9 Creamdrive circuit, you’ll realize that this is not some redesign being cleverly marketed as a reissue – this is THE original OD-9 (TS-9) circuit, yet with the addition of true bypass switching. Even the PC board is the same one that Maxon’s been using for the past 30+ years, complete with empty slots where parts for the FET switching circuit have been left out!

Like the original, the current production OD-9 features the NJM (JRC) 4558D Op Amp – an essential component for authentic “TS” tone. The NJM is smoother sounding and less compressed than other Op Amps, offering superior sound quality with low noise.

The absence of the FET switching circuit gives the OD-9 some added output and a slightly more open sound than the OD808, making it perfect for the classic rock tones that it helped to define.

If your future plans include a meteoric rise to rock & roll stardom, then rely on the legendary tones of the OD-9 to fuel your ascent.

The OD-9 is a true-to-spec reissue of the legendary 1980’s OD-9/TS-9 circuit, with the addition of true bypass switching for clean, uncolored tone when bypassed.eference for single-coil pickups or humbuckers either. However, the hotter output of humbuckers yielded slightly more gain. It doesn't matter what you're running through the OD-9, the natural characteristics of your guitar will still shine through.Improving on the TS-808, the OD-9 is now equipped with a 4PDT footswitch for mechanical true-bypass switching. In addition, the values of the two output resistors were increased in order to reduce noise created by static electricity buildup. This change produces no audible difference in the pedal's performance, other than less unwanted noise. The OD-9 also offers slightly more overdrive than its predecessor.


Ref : 102396
- MAXON Limited Edition OD-9 Creamdrive
- Improved replica of the 1982 Maxon OD-9 / Ibanez TS-9
- Compact effect pedal
- Made in Japan
- 2022
- 100% analog circuit with JRC 4558 D Op Amp
- JRC 4558 D
- Controls : see pictures
- Connections : see pictures
- True Bypass
- Powered with 9V battery or optional power supply (barrel 2.1 mm plug, negative center)
- Cons. 7 mA
- 4 x 124 x 54 mm
- 580 g

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