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New Serato FX KIT - Version Téléchargement

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FX Effect Extension Kit for Serato DJ PRO.

Serato has partnered with iZotope to provide a wide range of customizable DJ effects.
You'll have everything from essential filters, echoes, delays to the most complex and creative Noise Synth, Dubbed Out Tape Echoes and Retro 8 bit Audio Bending effects. You can use them with the in-depth control in Single FX mode or chain three together in Multi FX mode.
Wolf Pack is a classic package with standard and basic effects. Including Bit Crush, Transform, Braker and Combo Fade Echo.
Back Pack is a Dub pack of analog and old-school effects. Includes Tape Echo, Pitch Looper, Time Stretch and Auto Filter.
Jet Pack is a rave infused, hovering and spatial effects pack. Includes Shepard Filter, U.F.O, Space Verb and Noise Pulse.
Chip Pack is a crazy 8-bit effects pack. Including Side Delay, Noise Sweep, Crush Echo and Shifter LoFi.
Multi FX mode allows you to select three effects per FX Unit and adjust only one parameter, the FX Depth. As the effects are chained together, one effect is sent into the next, making it possible to create unique combinations.
Single FX mode allows you to select one effect per FX Unit and access multiple parameters.


Ref : 94614
FX Effect Extension Kit for Serato DJ PRO.
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